by Anton Silaev

Irynvigre spring/summer 2017 collection

by Anton Silaev

The SS17 collection by IRYNVIGRE, was introduced at fashion scout during london fashion week.

The SS17 womenswear collection is inspired by the image and spirit of undines from norse mythology. Fantastical tales of mysterious creatures leaving the water to lure humans in with their beauty and singing embody the eclectic designs.

Unique cuts create illusions that the fabric is flowing like water; the décor appears far from man-made whilst the colours play with each other across all shades of blue, reminiscent of foam lapping across the sea.

Just like the mythological creature undines, the clothes hypnotize all those who lay their eyes on it. The illusive effect draws long gazes from those around as they attempt to unravel its fleeting magic until they are completely spellbound.

The designer created this stunning collection for the modern woman. The woman who is independent, successful and prefers not to just wear minimalistic clothing, but those with charm and an indescribable arcana.